Pokhara, second largest city and tourist centre of Nepal as we have heard from other travellers. Located at Fewa Lake with amazing view on Annapurna mountains….okay, let’s see.

We take the Bus from Kathmandu early in the morning. Cause the tourist bus isn’t much more expensive than the local one we decide to make it little more comfortable and arrive at the tourist bus stop in estimated time. Some things seem to be almost the same everywhere in the world. So directly after leaving the bus we are surrounded by people offering taxi and accommodation. As we did the whole tour until now we first explore by walking and check out prices and possibilities.

Finally our home for stay in Pokhara becomes Peace Dove Guest House with friendly stuff and nice room.

Especially the first days the streets look really empty and no other people share the Guesthouse with us. Obviously because of the earthquake and actual ongoing fuel crisis there are not much tourists here at the moment and the places are much more calm as they usually are. We, of course, enjoy that a lot, but for the people it causes different problems. Nevertheless they don’t complain that much.

At Nepal Tourism Board Pokhara we get a free map for first orientation.

Most of the day it’s like relaxing vacation. We enjoy lakeside and hanging around in the sun on our balcony or in different restaurants, which almost every time serve good food and more diversity, we are sometimes looking for after eating almost every day the same while trekking.

Unfortunately until now the mountains are hiding a little. Even up on Sarangkot view point, where we have been few days ago, clouds and fog made it difficult to see the complete Annapurna, but nevertheless it was impressive.

Altogether we experience again that often recommended or submitted places to see don’t attract us that much. Most interesting are those days we spend by exploring the city away from lakeside and the tourist areas by taking bikes from a local juice seller, who rented us his own and the one from his neighbour, who first did not know about what was going on. Quite funny. That’s how we get to the local food market, find hided little places with delicious meals, snack offerings and sweets, we until now couldn’t find in the area of lakeside and other interesting places like a buddhistic monastery, that wasn’t shown in the map…And we take the local bus again riding on the roof, that’s fun.

Beside we try to improve our skills in making good photos and learning Spanish. That’s how our days actually are. We like it a lot.