Its almost 2 weeks now in Pokhara. We enjoy the relaxing time and are really not in a hurry to go on traveling. 🙂 Many other people we meet here experience that in the same way. it feels like you could stay here a long time without getting bored or under pressure to leave. Nevertheless our journey is going on. The flight to Kolkatta, India will be on the first of december…

Pokhara seems to be a little like a meeting point for longtime travellers. Lots of people we get to know are on their journeys longer than what you maybe would call normal vacation time. It’s people from different countries, like Israel, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, India, Bangladesh and many more. These different cultures and backgrounds lead to interesting conversations and also helpful advertises and recommendations concerning Pokhara and Nepal but also other countries and traveling in general. And of course, it’s just nice to spend time with kind people.

Like we already mentioned in other parts of the country the Nepali people are really nice and make us feel welcome most of the time. The last days some locals showed us how to fish in their way and were very helpful. Especially Seven liked it a lot and was proud of his grilled fish for lunch he catched on his own.
Another day we explore other parts of the town again by bike, driving more into northern areas and visiting parts where no tourists normally seem to be. These are the situations and moments where we get more in contact with peoples everyday life here in Pokhara.
Tomorrow we will leave Pokhara to visit a Nepali guy and his family in Damauli and if we have enough time left to make a small sidetrip to Bhandipur, a nice hilltop village.