We follow an invitation and visit Damauli, a city located between Pokhara and Kathmandu 50 kilometer away from Pokhara at the bottom of a broad river valley. During trekking in solukhumbu wie met Sagar, working as a Porter for an australian couple and staying in the same lodge we did in Junbesi.
Sagar was there together with a family friend and the son of these. Especially this guy, working as a trekking guide, told us different interesting details about the mountains we would pass on our way, trekking area in general and had some good advises. And so we came in touch with Sagar and his family and he invited us to visit him in his hometown.

Sagar is picking us up at the Damauli Bus stop. On our way to the house where he is living with his family we cross a bridge shaking when trucks are driving on it. It’s a strange feeling and first we are not due if it’s the bridge or our bodies that sway from on side to the other.

Sagar and his relatives give a lot of trouble to make our stay exciting and interesting, showing us the beautiful Riverside where Seti and the Madi river join together, a holy cave and small park with goodness statues. What especially stays in my mind is, that people build a house there with open access that can be used by homeless people to sleep and stay in.
On the way back to Sagar’s home we cross a big place next to the public school where the students are spending their midday break and look at us quite interested and curious. Their school uniforms in different colours are glowing in the sunny daylight.

After having coffee and cookies at Sagars home we join the daily badminton game in front of Sagars house. They seem to like that sport and are well exercised players. Later in the evening we get one of the best Dal Bhats we had the whole stay in Nepal. Sagars mother is in the kitchen and we can have a look how she is preparing the curry, chicken and Dal. While waiting for the Dal Bhat she serves us different snacks to try and we are really not hungry that evening anymore… going to bed with globated stomaches.

The next day together with Sagars uncle, brother and a friend we go up on a hill above Damauli walking through “tiger-forest” as Sagars uncle explains the strange sound he repeats now and then while going up (I think he was joking, but at least Im not really sure about that). Clouds are hiding Damauli and the view around Annapurna range is little foggy but even that creates a special atmosphere.

Midday break is becoming a special highlight. We get lunchtime Dal Bhat in a small village with traditional old houses made of clay sitting inside on the floor. After lunch the clouds are gone and there is a clear view on Damauli, even Sagars house can be seen. Unfortunately the air around Annapurna stays foggy…..sometimes I wish it would rain a little to clear the air…..

In the evening Sagars mother is meeting with other women to celebrate a festival especially for mothers one time a year. All woman are sitting together bringing donations like sweets and other things, singing and dancing. Its remarkable how talented they are. Nice voices and a good feeling for rhythm and sound. They want us to take part and dance with them. We try, but we are little shy.

And than it is time to say goodbye again. We are thankful for that invitation and the possibility to get real and deeper experience into the everyday life of this Nepali family. Thank you so much and hopefully we will meet again!