Cause we got the recommendation to visit Bandipur, a small hilltop village, we take the local bus from Damauli bus stop in direction to Kathmandu and leave the bus in Dumre. That bus trip is unbelievable….the guy behind the steering wheel is driving like crazy, passing every other car no matter concerning oncoming traffic. Fortunately it is just a short distance. So we leave the bus after that 30 minutes devil ride and change into the bus driving up the hill to Bandipur.

Its really a nice place to stay a view days. Because of its location its attractive for different visitors and there is a small tourist business running, especially the main street is very clean and well-tended. But at the moment it seems to be like in many other parts of the country. The restaurants, lodges and shops are almost empty. It didn’t take long to get here so we use the afternoon just to walk around.

We stay in the “Old House Cafe”, that was recommended by Sagars uncle. The doors and ceilings are really low. I hit my head several times getting a lot of hurting swellings, cause I dont get more aware of that unfamilar conditions.

Cause we forget the water filter at Sagars home, Seven needs to drive back again to fech it the next day. I try to use the time to write some new things into our travel dairy. While sitting in a small cafe two people pass by. I do not notice them in that moment but than the girl comes back and it is absolutely by chance Cynthia. We know Cynthia and his boyfriend from Germany. We met them at the Himalaya Friends Festival in Nuremberg and we knew that they would be in Nepal the same time we would travel here but didn’t meet until now. So its quite funny to see each other now. We spend almost the whole day together, sitting in the sun and talking about our experiences in Nepal. As we are they are also impressed by the kindness and helpfulness of the most Nepali people and the way they deal with individual problems and general difficulties of their country.

In the evening while having dinner outside of an restaurant we get in touch with two nepali guys from Kathmandu staying here for a visit, too. They invite us to sit toghether and spend the evening with them what leads to an interesting conversation about different topics and their point of views about those.

After sleeping a little longer the next day and enjoying breakfast in the sun, we decide to visit Siddha Cave, Asians biggest cave, as we have been told. Its about one hour walk along a hill and through the forest, where we discover free living monkeys. First we just hear their sounds and can not identify this as monkey screaming, so we are a little scared but also curious…. Moments and experiences like that are most outstanding for us.  The cave itself must be visited with a guide because there is no electric light in it and you can get lost. You just get a torch and than you follow the way the guide goes on over sleepy stones and unstable ladders. It’s really a big cave with high ceilings so its quite impressive. On the way back we are feeling little tired although the way isn’t that hard or long…..maybe we need the next trek to improve our fitness level…

To experience the morning sunrise and view around Bandipur we go up at 4:30 AM and take the steps up to the view point above Bandipur. We are a little early. Its still dark and cold and we have to wait. But than the sun comes up behind the mountains and its amazing. A big red fire ball I never saw it like that before…..our Camera and the additional battery are out of power that morning, so taking photos is not possible. But maybe it makes us just enjoy the moment even more….With this last experience and after having the best cookies in town we leave Bandipur to drive back to Kathmandu.