It’s more than two months now and our time in Nepal is coming to an end. We spend the last days in Kathmandu again preparing different things for India, our next destination. Meanwhile Nepal became a little like home and that makes it even harder to say goodbye. We spend the last days helping Sarika and Filo with their magician project and Seven is working on the webshop of the cafe in Nuremberg, where he is part of the stuff.

In comparison to the last time we have been in Kathmandu it has become sensibly colder, but of course we know people at home are freezing a lot more now. So we don’t complain.
Unfortunately it’s also the last time we can meet Anrang, our guide and friend now….. and again, totally unexpected, Cynthia and her boyfriend cross our way sharing a tea break with us spontaneously. They are leaving Nepal the next days too, but their flight will go back to Germany taking greetings from us with them to our homeland.
Nepal had a great impact to us. We will miss a lot of things we experienced. Now we are looking forward to India.

We need to leave the local bus to the Kathmandu airport through the window to get out at the right stop, because there are so many people in it that we cannot pass with our backpacks. 🙂