We go on exploring southern India and reach Madurai in the early morning hours after an 8 hours trip in one of the sleeping busses you can use in India for longer distances. These busses really have quite comfortable double bed compartments with curtains for some privacy. That’s why we had good rest the night and the bus ride seemed very short.

It’s still dark when we arrive in Madurai and unfortunately our first place to go is Apollo hospital. Sevens small injury on his right ring finger got infected and the whole finger is like double the normal size. Luckily it’s only small treatment needed but additionally some antibiotics must be taken the next days.

Concerning that we are soothed so far and start looking for our accommodation we booked in advance. Hours and a lot of confusion later we are still walking the streets of Madurai in the midday sun feeling more and more exhausted. We are unable to find our place. The address seems to be wrong and even the local taxi, rikscha and tuk tuk driver do not know this place. Additionally no one picks up the phone at the given number. We give up and go for other lodges. Finally it’s a well located one near the temple, of course, room is just basic and do not expect cleanliness. While dinner that evening an Indian couple is taking seat at our table and is very interested in our trip. Both are working in Madurai as medics. Lovely people and nice conversation.

We need a little time to arrive fully and the heat is pushing us down so the next day we stay on and do nothing more than a walk inside and around Meenakshi Amman Temple. Cause clothing rules are very strict we need to go there a second time after getting changed. We are lucky cause every evening they celebrate an important Hindu ceremony and we can have a look at some rituals. Understandably no photos and no entry to areas only for Hindus.

Our second day is full of interesting things and happenings. The loveliest rikscha driver all over the world is taking us on a special tour through Madurai showing us Churches, Thirumalay Nayak Palace, veg market, fruit market, onion market, bamboo market and other parts of Meenakschi Amman Temple. In between he tells us about the Hindu gods and goddesses and how they belong together so some things become a little clearer to us. We finish the tour mindblowed at Ghandi Memorial Museum making just a small tour through the exhibition as our brains are full of all the impressions of the day.

Than back to the guesthouse, get some rest! Tomorrow our train in direction to the Western Ghats is leaving at 4:30 AM.