This time it’s just a short train ride to a small town near the Western Ghats called Tenkasi, where we hope to experience little bit more nature and mountains again after staying in Madurai. The Western Ghats is a mountain range in India and the part we are going to visit is not far away.

The atmosphere in Tenkasi is noticeably different from other towns we’ve been until now in India. People seem not to be used to foreigners here and are even more quite surprised about obviously non-indian visitors in their town. Some are looking really critical, even suspiciously. Finding accommodation is not that easy and to communicate is more a challenge because there are less english speaking people.  But the food is really great again, especially these small snacks called “vada” you can get almost everywhere in South India. It’s like a donut or sometimes more like a hamburger consisting of mashed vegetables like lentels, chickpeas, potatoes and onions served with spicy chutney. Really good!

The first day we visit the temple in Tenkasi and get a good entertainment program because of all the monkeys there. They are really cheeky and funny, stealing things from the people and peeing on their hats from above. Sometimes when they come to close it gets a little scary.

On the next day we take the local bus to another town near Tenkasi called Kourtallam to have a look on the different waterfalls there. To have a bath in the water of the main falls should be very healthy and that’s why lots of locals and visitors come here. But today it seem that Seven and I are the greater attraction. Almost everybody is looking at us and a lot of people want to take photographs. Maybe we can earn money with that… J

For exploring the area around Tenkasi and to get deeper into the Western Ghats we decide to rent a scooter again. After some confusion and difficulties concerning communication we get one. But how to describe it? To be honest, there were just a few more bikes we saw until now in India that seemed to be in the same bad condition like this one. But by now it’s running, so lets go! Our destination is going to be Thenmala, especially known as an eco tourism place. Unfortunately I don’t feel good that day and just a short walk around is possible. Moreover on the way back the scooter is not starting. Luckely some indian guys help us to find out the problem and keep the bike running until reaching Tenkasi, but at the end of the day I’m quite exhausted. Nevertheless we enjoyed the nature and silence compared to the crowded and busy towns.

After three days we are “on the road again”.