As many different people tell us one of the most famous places to visit in India is Hampi. Hampi has been a large city and part of the Ashokan kingdom around 3rd century and is an area with lots of temples and surrounded by a stone and sand dominated landscape.

We have a two step travel to reach this place. First we take the sleeper train from Pudducherry to Bengaluru, where we spend the day before taking another sleeper train to Hospet next to Hampi. Lots of people traveling in India visit this place and that’s why we meet a lot of people again. It’s really a tourist place. Lots of guesthouses, restaurants, souvenir shops and street traders around. After the two days tour we take some rest after arriving by checking out the surroundings and meet with friends from the workshop we have been taking part in Puducherry. The landscape around Hampi is very interesting and if you don’t mind to walk a little quite places can be find easily. Seven and some others even spend one night at one of these places called “the waterfall”. A very special experience with taking a bath in the river, sitting at the bonfire, talking and making music together.

At the end we spend more time enjoying the landscape, meeting with people, studying and applying the content of the workshop again than visiting all the different templesĀ and monuments around. Unfortunately the last days something is making us feeling very sick and we leave Hampi with bad stomach and diarrhea but looking forward to new places.