How different places can be….Coming from India to Thailand feels like a change. We are impressed by cleanliness and sense for detail. Traffic seems relaxed and our first accommodation welcomes us with luxury in comparison to most of our guesthouses and lodges the last months. We need to smile hearing people talking about Bangkok’s bad traffic and noise, as we experience it almost opposite. So it’s all about the point of view and the way of comparison.

Climate also is different and we need to get used to the higher level of humidity additionally to the heat. We booked the first night in advance because our flight arrival is late in the evening and take the skytrain the next day to reach the centre of the city. Because most of the cheap guesthouses should be around Khao San Road, the famous backpacker and tourist place also known from the movie “the beach”, we start looking for the next accommodation around that place. After checking out prices and quality we find a nice place to stay in one of the side streets and hope it will be a little more quite place. Especially in the night time Khao San is just a party zone. Noisy music, alcohol and street traders selling expensive stuff to the tourist. Not the place we spend a lot of time. But the noise around and the 1 ½ hours time difference confuse our internal clock and we need some time to fall asleep in the night time. Just one electronic club in another part of Bangkok becomes interesting for us and we go there on a Friday night event.

Most the time we start the days in Bangkok by sitting on steps around the streets and drinking coffee filled in our own cups at the supermarket just watching the daily life and people passing by. We really love to do that. As you can imagine long term travelling leads to a little more organizing stuff. Since I have lost my knife on the trek in Nepal there was no appropriate replacement to find, Sevens air matress is leaky and needs to be fixed and some other things are on the schedule. An outdoor shop in Bangkok seems to offer everything we need, but distances are long in Bangkok and we spend almost 2 hours in public transportation to reach the place just to find out that it’s closed. Two days later we are there again and they tell us that we were standing in front of the wrong store and the one we were looking for is just around 100m away. Maybe it was open the day we came first. At the end it takes us significant time but we are very lucky to get everything we need, especially a new “Opinel”.

Some sightseeing must be done here too. We visit Wat Pho, a huge Buddhist temple complex with the famous reclining Buddha and take a walk to the golden mount in the evening hours. Unfortunately, the view point is already closed but the surroundings are interesting too. On our way to Wat Pho we pass a Buddhist festival and information event around the Kings palace, offering free food and drinks. Moreover, Seven is taking the possibility to experience a specific kind of massage using tools to beat parts of the body. To be honest, it doesn’t look very relaxing and as I try by myself it really hurts, but all the smiling people and the nice atmosphere compensate for everything.

Than it’s Sevens birthday. We take some time for relaxing breakfast and he wants to buy a new sound speaker. The one we brought with us was lost at the Sapney Farm. In the afternoon we go to a recommended place for Thai Massage. At the end for me it’s more painful but Seven seems to enjoy it. While drinking coffee and having cheese cake with crumbles (!!!) we meet Marion and Domenic, a nice couple from Germany travelling Southeast Asia, too. We spend the whole afternoon and evening together and get dinner in one of the best street restaurants we found so far. Seven loved the grilled Thai spicy fish he ordered. Marion and Domenic next destination will be Laos. Maybe we will meet them again.

It’s Monday morning now and our train to Chaing Mai is leaving at the Bangkok train station. We are on our way to the north of Thailand.