After one lovely evening in Luang Namtha we take the bus to Udumxai in the morning and now it’s Seven, who is struggling with bad stomach and kind of sickness. We assume the egg topped fried rice from last evening at the night market could be the cause for that. Arriving in Udumxai we directly jump into the connecting bus to Muang Khua and I’m lucky that the driver and all other people in the bus are waiting for me patiently while I’m having an urgent toilet break. Unfortunately Seven isn’t feeling good at all and even vomits out of the bus window. But don’t worry, no other passengers were effected by that. He did really carefully.

In Muang Khua we don’t spend much time to find a place to stay over night. We decide to take one of the first guesthouses we are passing by to get some rest for Seven. The place is okay and after supplying Seven with tea and banana I take a walk around the small town with Rafael, a nice French guy we met on the bus ride.

Muang Khua is the place where we start the boat ride down the Nam Ou River. In the late afternoon Lao people are washing their clothes, but also motorbikes and even cars in the river or go for some swimming. Sitting there watching them doing daily business feels like a good relaxing possibility after the bus tour.

The next day Seven feels better and we can go on with the trip. If you want to get a boat ticket you need to be at the departure point in the morning and a minimum of 10 people is needed to make the boat leaving. At the end it’s 9 people plus one bicycle. It seems to be okay and we leave around 9:30.

The boat ride takes around 5 hours through a wonderful landscape with steeply rocks and dense forest. Lots of buffs are laying in the water along the way to refresh and small villages can be seen by the river. After arriving in Nong Khiaw we find an appropriate accommodation and decide to stay 3 days to relax and explore the place. it’s a village where many backpackers stay and there are lots of restaurants and guesthouses. An Indian guy is running a restaurant too and I am very happy to enjoy “Masala Dosa” again. Unfortunately it feels like most of the people are interested in visitors just because of money. Prices in the shops are high, the food in the restaurant is also not cheap and you need to pay for almost everything. Even going up to the viewpoint is not for free. The situation of the country and it’s inhabitants might make this more understandable and that’s why Traveling and Tourism is not just an easy thing…But the place is nice and we like sitting by the river.