Kong Lor Cave in central Laos is our next destination after leaving Luang Prabang in southern direction.

The night bus we take to Vientiane is stopping after 2 hours driving in the middle of nowhere. Something seems to be wrong with one of the back wheels and we need to leave the bus. I prepare myself for a long sleepless night just waiting at this place but after one hour another bus picks us up. Because it’s not a sleeper bus like the first one some passenger start to complain and ask the driver to get some money back. The situation doesn’t seem relaxed any more and after we notice that the driver has a gun I’m a little worried. But fortunately everybody calms down and after some more time just standing without reason the ride goes one. After arriving in Luang Prabang later than expected we are really lucky to get the bus to the cave but without food or toilet break. The short stop at a gas station is saving us from further problems. Three other Germans, Marita, Olivia and Patrick, are on their way to Long Khor Cave and time is passing really fast while talking and having fun. We spend the evening together in a nice guesthouse and decide to visit the cave the next day after breakfast.

Kong Lor Cave or Tham Kong Lor is impressive. 7,5 km long, big stalactides and waterways. Boats are driving through the cave, unfortunately all are using an engine the whole time. It’s just a few minutes we have to experience the silence while the boatsmen needs to fix his headlight. Nevertheless it’s really nice.

On our way back to the guesthouse some men with bloody hands are carrying a buff head out of the forest. Some days later Patrick tells us that there seems to be a superstition that this is saving people from bad ghosts. But maybe it’s just because of the festival that starts this day in Kong Lor. The festival also makes it difficult to find any kind of transportation for this day. We want to go to Pakse but every driver seems to be involved in the festival so we need to ask more around. At the end we are lucky again and together with Olivia, Marita, Patrick and a guy from Hongkong we take a Tuk Tuk to a junction 80 km away to jump on the bus to Pakse.