We get woken up in the sleeper bus around 6am after arriving in Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia and take the first ferry to reach Koh Rong Sanloem, an island around 20 km off the coast of Sihanoukville. A small jungle trail goes to the other side of the island where we want to stay at one of the remoter beaches. A few places offer accommodation in bamboo huts and tents and we decide for a family size beachfront tent we get a special off-season price for, but need to clean up a little to feel comfortable.

Mostly backpackers are around and as fate wants Sebastien, the lovely French guy we met in Thailand and Lao, is also staying here since some days. So happy to meet him again!

We spend the next day just hanging around on the beach with Sebastien and other nice people, like Isabelle from Canada and Erik and Sara, a german-french couple.

Erik is joining us for a tour over the island along the beach and through the jungle to the lighthouse the next day, where we get a nice view around Koh Rong Sanloem and it’s neighboring islands. Seven and Erik also spend some time fishing with self made fishing rods and while waiting for the big catch Erik tells a lot about his time in New Zealand. So we get lots of very helpful tips and recommendations. Thank you so much for that!

The day before we head on for our next destination we rent a Kayak to paddle to the nearby lazy beach and get very close to the monkeys, that look for shellfish and crabs in the sand along the beach. It’s so interesting how they act in our company and we could have spend hours just watching them. After enjoying some rest on the terrace of the cozy beach bar we go back to our place.

Because there is no fresh water on the island at the moment, it’s not possible to take a shower to remove the salt water or clean some of our clothes. Our hair gets more and more greasy and we notice that our skins are not used to heat, sweating and salt water all the time. The first fresh water shower in Kampot after leaving the island the next day is pure luxury.