Cozy little town of Kampot is just a two to three hours bus drive from Sihanoukville and we are lucky to get dropped off almost in front of the guesthouse we are going to stay. Big clean room, nice stuff, very cheap and as you maybe already know from the last Blogpost, the fist refreshing fresh water shower after some days with only salt and sand.

Kampot is a french influenced town with around 40000 people in southeast Cambodia situated at the Praek Tuek Chhu River. No crowds, not much traffic, of course a few places for tourists along the river, but all in all a quite relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

We rent a scooter to be flexible and Seven is visiting one of the nearby farms, where the famous Kampot pepper comes from. What we worry about is that, like this place, most of the big farms where pepper is grown and processed seem not be managed by local Cambodians but rather foreigners….

Not far away from Kampot the Bokor National Park has its entry and we decide to visit Bokor Hill Station despite all diverge reviews we red before. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising and like a lot of places we saw so far the national park itself seems to have lost the most of its natural diversity as result of human influence. The atmosphere of the hill station, once an abandoned French place, is changing because of the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, that has been built here a few years ago. But some great views and a special atmosphere around the Buddhist temple and the old abandoned French buildings still remain. Especially the old casino is like a maze and we need to be careful not to get stuck in taking photographs. Around that place we meet Caro and Tobi with their lovely son Max, a german couple, traveling and staying in different parts of the world. We make a date for dinner that evening and meet at “simple things”, a nice new veggie restaurant opened just three months ago by a very nice couple offering lovely warm service and tasty, creative dishes. The rest of the evening we spend at Caros and Tobis place talking about different ways of life, ideas while travelling and travelling itself. Like us they have their own travel blog but even more they have started a project to sell sustainable products with their own brand “The GrassVan” produced by local people of countries they travelled through. Why “GrassVan”? Have a look at the website and you know it.

Such a great pleasure for us to meet these impressive and inspiring people. Unfortunately, we already have a bus ticket to Pnom Phen the next day and we almost already have to leave Cambodia. Maybe otherwise we would have stayed longer….