I love kite surfing and that’s why I waited a long time for this part of our Vietnam trip. There are two places famous for this kind of sport in Vietnam. One is Mui Ne and the other one is Nha Trang. Because the wind forecast is better in Nha Trang we decide to go there and leave Dalat by bus heading east in direction of the sea.

Noah already left the day before.

The bus is again a sleeper but we are driving through the day. While coming closer to Nha Trang it becomes visible that this is not a small town. We are following a long straight road to the coast. The closer we get the more hotels are erected against the sky. Its quite touristy here. Especially Russian people seem to love this this place. Lots of man with bare chests and women with really high high heals and short skirts 🙂 Well, let’s see what the next four days will bring.

Our search for a accommodation is focused on a street near the beach. After researching some prices around I run into a hotel where in the first room I see the bed falls apart and ants are all around. The manager is a little shocked too and offers me a much better room for the same price. It’s really luxury, as you can see on the photos.

Prices are high around here. It’s obvious that the tourists have to spend a lot of money, but if you go one or two streets away from the beach prices are dropping significantly. Especially the sandwich booths are a good deal.

Next morning it’s time to check out how the kite surfing works. There is a kite surfing school not far away from our hotel at the beach. It’s name is Kite Rabbit (http://kiterabbit-nhatrang.com/ – russian website) and is run by Vladimir Ornatsky. A really nice guy. We discuss, that we wait until afternoon and if there is wind I kite and if not I’m going with the surf teacher to another beach for a instruction lesson for surfing. Now that we have some time, we are walking to a fitness studio to check it out for the next days. On the way there we find a delicious bakery with an awesome chocolate croissant and I know we’ll be back there for some more.

Finally the afternoon is here and Helen and I are splitting up. I’m going down to the beach again and there is no wind 🙁 but that is no problem. Instead learning how to surf is a really good alternative. As promised the surf instructor waits for me at the school. His name is Alex and he really looks like a surfer. Blond middle long sun lightened hair, dressed with a lycra shirt, a surfer short and shades. Sitting on the back of his bike we are driving south to a beach with a longer break. The next three hours are a lot of fun. First thing I have to do is waxing the board for more grip. Next steps are some theoretical explanations outside the water and then let’s go into the water. Alex helps me catching the right waves and gives me a final push to get some speed. Biggest challenge for me is to keep my but down. I fall one time after the of the board because my ass is to high 🙂 It takes me several tries until I get it and I stay longer and longer on the board, it’s great! Alex is making a break but I cannot stop. I try it on my own and it works. One set of waves after the other I try to get and the time passes by. Finally Alex is grapping his board and we are surfing together. After three hours non stop in the water I’m done! My body is exhausted and it is time to go back to Nha Trang.

Hours later my chest starts to burn and I feel dizzy. A look under my shirt unveils why. I was attacked by jelly fish. The whole upper front of my body is red and full of pustules. While surfing Alex told me that there are jelly fish but I didn’t recognized them, now I know they have been there 🙂 Tired and feeling sick I fall asleep.

Waking up I don’t feel better. It seems to be even worse so Helen has to go without me to the gym. Happy after some cardio workout and a yoga session she returns and we leave the hotel for lunch. Today is the day to kite. After my break in the morning I feel fit enough to go to the beach. Helen is exploring the city while I’m sitting at the beach and waiting for Vlademir. There is wind and I am ready to go. Waitibg and resting time is turning out to be like hell. The jelly fish bites start to itch and I need to shower with cold water almost every 2-3 minutes not to get crazy.

Finally Vlademir appears and we start to set up the 15 square meters Naish kite. Excited about going kiting I totally forget the itchy bites. Unfortunately the wind got weaker while waiting for Vlademir and so the first try ends with the kite laying in the water but I don’t give up. It takes me some patience but finally I’m able to ride. Not that long but after more than a year break I’m enjoying it a lot.

On our last day in Natrang the wind is extremely low and so we decide to rent a bike and to make a tour around. First we drive to a Buddhist temple with a big laying Buddha statue. And we are lucky! While leaving the temple we hear chanting from the main building. Curious we return and there is a ceremony starting. To don’t disturb anyone we take a seat in the back and watch and listen to the ceremony. There is a monk sitting in front and leading the chanting. Two men are playing percussive instruments with a slow rhythm. All other attendees are women dressed in gray ropes.

To get a nice cityscape picture of Nha Trag I suggest to drive up north on the coast. On our way we pass a bay and it is full of blue fisher boats. Most impressive is a man who is rowing his boat only with his feed and looking quite relaxed while ding so. Driving further north we are reminded on India while seeing a herd of cows walking on the road.

Our overnight bus back to Ho Chi Mhin City is leaving late in the evening, so we return the bike, get a last dinner in Nha Trang and it’s time to leave.