There have been barely two weeks in Vietnam. For german citizen the maximum stay without visa is 15 days and our flight to Kuala Lumpur is already booked so unfortunately it’s just a short stopover in this country. The last days we spend in Ho Chi Minh City, former known as Saigon and Vietnams largest city. The metropolitan area has a population of more than 10 million inhabitants and is still growing fast. The city is very modern, busy and offers all kinds of more and less needed amenities western tourists and travelers know from their home countries.

After some hours of sleep in the night bus from Nha Trang we arrive in the early morning hours but there is already a lot of business going on in the streets. While searching for accommodation we directly stumble into one of the morning markets and there are already lots of locals around. Expecting that it will be easy to find a room we are walking around together with our backpacks. Not the way we usually do it. First we cannot find a guesthouse in the street we went and after checking out the places around we are quite pessimistic to find an affordable room. There was no breakfast so far, it gets more and more exhausting and we decide to divide. Seven is going on with checking more guesthouses and I’m staying with our backpacks waiting for him and after some more time than expected we find a nice place to stay. After check-in and making things a little cozy inside the room, Seven notices that he forgot his kindle in the bus. We directly go back to the agency and after some calls we are happy to hear that it’s still there and has been found. Seven is going to the bus parking place to pick it up.

After having late breakfast we look around for a bookstore and find this small little shop in a backyard. It’s called Kafka bookstore (Google Maps Link), and Ryan, who is running the place, is very friendly and welcoming. The shop and café combination has opened just a few weeks ago and Ryan tells us, that we are the first foreigners, that came by. So far there are no English books, all the ones available are in Vietnamese of course, but there will be some soon. The place is really nice, cozy and maybe some kind of an insider tip to escape the busy city. On the upper floor they can host people and Ryan shows us the rooms they finished so far. Also just lovely and welcoming. If we would have known this earlier….

Ho Chi Minh is also meant to be one of the most expensive cities and there are a lot of shops and restaurants where you can spend a lot of money, but cheap street food is still available. Just one issue is causing some trouble. Six months ago I stopped eating meat and sometimes it’s really hard to find vegetarian options at this street food places and if you don’t want to pay a lot of money in special vegetarian restaurants it takes you a lot of time to find meatless offers.

The last day we planned to visit the Vietnam War Museum, but we don’t feel like doing that. We want to take some time for working on the blog and some research and organization stuff. At the end we spend several hours in one of Ho Chi Minh’s countless coffee shops chilling in cozy seats and enjoying sweet iced caramel coffee with whipped cream something…

Preparing for the flight to Kuala Lumpur gets somewhat challenging. We need to change a lot of stuff from one backpack to the other, because together we just can take one big backpack with 20kg on the plane to save money with Air Asia. The rest needs to be suitable as hand luggage. Looks like it’s going to work. Let’s head up to Malaysia!