Travelling from Malaysia to Singapore is quite easy, many people do this regularly and border crossing seems to be well organized. So it doesn’t take a lot of time for us too and in the evening hours we arrive at our next Airbnb host. Again this was one of the best value for money choices. Especially accommodation is expensive in Singapore and we are happy to get this private room, even after we found out, that we are by far not the only guests. We are sharing the flat not just with our host, there are more other guests and at the end 9 people and one dog stay together on around 80qm. Sometimes it’s hard to find the bathroom not being occupied.

We plan to stay four days and that’s why we work out more clearly what the main things to see for us will be. Nevertheless, we try to stay on budget and keep eyes open for cheap attractions and food. One very affordable food stall is just a few minutes from our place and right on the way to the MRT. Many locals and different kinds of food. To get some further information to organize the four days stay and maybe get some more recommendations to save money we visit the tourist office. People are more than friendly and helpful and offer a lot of useful information. They tell us about ION Sky building and so the first view over Singapore’s skyline is for free. On the way we get a big slice of ice-cream on toast at a street stall. Maybe this sounds weird, but it was really good and cheap. In the evening we meet Charles, Sevens former colleague, have a nice chat and get some insider tips and knowledge about Singapore. Charles is so nice. Happy to meet you guy!

The next morning we want to explore little India and start with breakfast at the Indian food market. Unbeatable masala dosa and super cheap. Best start for the day!!! The atmosphere is very close to what we already know from India and we really enjoy that. It’s not far to the Arabian street and we visit one of the mosques. Again people there are very welcoming and friendly. Around the mosque is one of these big Ramadan markets where people buy food for the evening. Lots of different dishes and sweets. Its seems they have a little celebration dinner every evening and as we noticed portions are unbelievable big in the evening, also restaurants serve double or even triple the amount of what seems to be standard.

Singapore is pedestrian friendly and so we explore some parts of city just by walking around and passing futuristic impressive architecture like the “batman building”. We also take a walk through MacRichie Nature Reserve, where we meet some monkeys and spend some time at Marina bay enjoying the evening light and music installation and getting one more view over Singapore’s stunning skyline.

Four days are already over. Our night train to Taman Negara National Park is leaving in the evening but before saying goodbye I put my running shoes on while Seven is working and go back to MacRichie nature reserve. After 12 km I am quite exhausted but happy having some training again. Back at our place it’s time to pack our backpacks again and cross the border to take the train into Malaysian Taman Negara National Park. It has been an interesting time in these mega cities Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, but we are a little tired of being in the city. Looking forward to go into the jungle!!!