Our time in Asia is running out. In only three days we will be on the plane from Jakarta to Auckland, New Zealand. We’re excited and looking forward, but first we have to go from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.

We decide to take an overnight bus again to save some money and sleep while traveling. To get a ticket for a fair price takes a little asking around at the bus station. The bus is an hour late und a little run down, but who cares. We get a seat in the back and I cannot adjust my back, so let’s see how the night will be…..

After around twelve hours we arrive in Jakarta. We don’t know exactly where we have to leave the bus. Talking with the stuff doesn’t lead to much more clarity. Suddenly on a six lane street one of the staff members approaches us and asks us to leave. It’s weird but on the map it doesn’t look that bad, so we follow his advice. First I take the opportunity to get some fried noodles for breakfast at a small restaurant nearby. There will be time to worry about where we are afterwards.

At the end we do it the lazy way. UBER is not that expensive here in Jakarta we decide to just call one of the cars. The driver is near but he misses us the first time and it takes him another 5 minutes to come back because of the multi lane street. It’s a funny ride with him. He misses one of the crossing his navi shows him. Then he takes a not allowed u-turn to drive back and we are stopped be a policeman. The policemen tells him to follow and it takes another 15 minutes until he is back. At the end he manages to bring us to our new home. Luckely the UBER fee is lower than expected, even with all these loop ways and time delays.

The homestay we booked over Airbnb is a simple buidlings at a very small pathway within one of Jakarta’s housing areas. We’re living in between the locals, that’s great. It’s a little dirty, but after 15 minutes cleaning we feel comfortable. We’re very tired, so first we just check the area for some food stalls and a super market. There is plenty of time left. Okay, let’s use it to have a look into town. First interesting thing is a music shop with a piano. Helen enjoys to play again. Afterwards we visit an interesting exhibition about the independence war of Indonesia against the Dutch.

The next morning, we return to the cheap restaurant we found the day before. They offer delicious local food, like mee goreng, tempe, fried tofu in buffett style and the stuff seems quite surprised to see us again. Then we take the train in the city, Wehave to buy a new case for our camera. The zip is broken so it really needs to be replaced. We end up in an electronic mall that reminds me a lot on the malls in Nepal and India. Tiny floors with one small shop after the other. Finally, we find a cheap but good cover and are happy to stop shopping.

While meandering around we came across the really impressive Gareja Katedral. It’s strange to see something like that in the capital of Indonesia. It looks so European… After leaving the holy building a strange statue standing on two pillows blocks attracts our attention. High erected into the sky. Interested we try to get closer and enter a park with a lot of people making sports. It’s an amazing artwork. A man standing on two high pillow blocks with arms raised into the sky and broken chains around feets and hands. After a short research we find out, that it is the Irian Jaya Liberation Monument.

We finish our city trip with a fried rice from a friendly street cook and take the train out of the city. The last night in Asia is ahead. Tomorrow our flight to New Zealand is departing. We are curious, excited and happy.