Okay, let’s go. We are on the road after spending almost two weeks in Auckland. We’ve been quite excited and also somewhat impatient the last days. It’s time to leave the city!

We follow highway 1 and stop for the night at a campground that belongs to a local pub. A group of locals is chatting and drinking beer. It’s workers from the nearby construction place staying here for the week and spending the evening together. The place is well equipped with kitchen facilities and we prepare an easy dinner. There is another German couple staying here with their two lovely daughters and after some hours even more people are arriving. A lot of people told us, that there are unbelievable many Germans traveling in NZ, but we didn’t expect it to be like it turns out here. There are more people speaking German than English and we are really not used to this anymore. Most of the time we’ve spent in Asia nobody could understand when we’ve been talking German to each other, but here, we are not incognito anymore  :-)…Most of them are here for working holiday and quite a bit younger. But of course, we are also happy to meet people from home again.

The first night in the car is cold but the bed is much more comfortable than the most beds we’ve slept in the last year. “Lexy” already feels a bit like home.

The next days one beautiful view follows another. It’s imaginable that car accidents happen a lot because people are distracted by the amazing landscapes around. At the moment it’s spring in NZ. The air is still quite cold and close to the beaches the wind is getting stronger but as long as the sun is shining it’s not that much a problem. We pass small charming towns like Kawakawa with it’s Hundertwasser toilet and drive along the coastline to catch the best view on New Zealand’s bay of islands.

We’re heading more north to reach Cap Reinga, where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet each other. A nice one hour trek leads to an impressive beach where huge waves meet the coast. After noticing that the water level is changing suddenly we need to return to the car.

The images might tell already, It’s all about stunning views and different landscapes like 90 miles beach, a moon like endless sandy beach, spirits bay close to Cape Reinga or impressive forests. The nights we stay on cheap campgrounds or park the car on hidden places to sleep in the car. It’s still not summer and sometimes the nights get really cold.

On our way north we passed a buddhist monastery close to the town of Kerikeri. Santipada is open for visitors and the nun and monk living there offered us a possibility to volunteer. That’s where we are going to stay after exploring New Zealand’s far north. There have been so much different places and we are looking forward to have some time to work through these impressions…….and perhaps a hot shower.  🙂