Today I want to take you to Kawai Purapura (KPP), a Yoga Retreat and Community in Auckland. We spent two times one week there. First before Manu arrived and then directly afterwards. Therefore I’ve split the post in two parts.

Before Manu came

Our trip through the northern island of New Zealand is over and we’re back in Auckland. Weeks ago we arranged a stay at KPP and we’re curious. It’s the first time that we’ll stay at a Yoga Retreat and the description on the website ( is full off interesting information.

First we have to check in. Everything looks quite professional. There is a reception counter and a nice American girl welcomes us. After some paperwork she starts to show is around. There is a an area where the residents are living, several yoga and course facilities, a SWIMMING POOL and a volunteer kitchen/space. Here we get a box for our food and a compartment in the fridge.
The kitchen is full of other volunteers and they make a really nice first impression.

Volunteering at KPP is a relaxed thing. We have to work 3 hours a day and are rostered to different shifts. Everyday the office provides a new roster for the next day. For that we get accommodation ( but we wanted to sleep in our car ) and the possibility to attend courses and workshops for free or with discount. The course timetable provides mostly two to three courses a day.
Our first shift is together with Nathan, one of the residents. We’re up to take care of the dumpster place. It is very interesting what you learn about a place and the people living there when you handle it’s rubbish. We find more or less everything. Before I describe what we found I should mention that KPP is a drug, smoke and mostly meat free place that wants to be sustainable and follows a zero waste strategy. So OK back to what we found 😀

  • Beer bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • A whiskey bottle
  • KFC boxes
  • A working car USB charger
  • Etc.

So we had a lot of fun and a great first shift.
The next days we have to clean the toilets, the volunteer kitchen, the rooms for passing guests.

To name a few of the courses we attended: relaxing Yin Yoga, introduction to the philosophy and practise of Ashtanga Yoga, Transformational Yoga and Tibetan Buddhist teaching.
I often used the swimming pool before or after the shift to swim some strokes.

On Monday they have a community dinner at the residents communal space. I went there alone because Helen didn’t felt that good. It was a nice event with good food, good conversations and a nice jam at the end.

After some days Kiri, one of the office employees, asks Helen to help her with some paper work.  In one of her shifts she calls me to help with IT stuff. During sitting there and observing a bit I suggest Kiri to think about implementing a CRM system. She likes the idea and we agree that after our trip with Manu we come back and I will also work on the office to set up such a system.

Happy to have a place to stay again we leave after one week to pick up our friend Manu.

After Manu left

Back again after six weeks exploring NZ’s south island we end up at the new volunteer counter beside the reception. This time we have no car to sleep in and so we need a place to sleep.

Unfortunately the campervan we get isn’t in good shape and so we decide to go for another solution. Helen is going to sleep with some other girls in one of the dorms and I’m happy to hang my hammock somewhere into the forest. Our alternative sleeping plan turns out to be a gift. Helen has a great time with Lena, one of her room mates and I enjoy sleeping with the sounds of birds and a creek next to me.

On the second day I have to meet Steve who bought our car. We agreed to share the costs of required repairs and so I have to go to the workshop. Everything’s fixed and view he has to give us the test of the money. Unfortunately things are getting complicated with his credit card. It takes the whole day to get it done. While waiting at the guest house I meet Christian, a smart young German guy, and we talk the whole day. He searches a place to stay and I suggest him KPP. He rings them and yeah he can stay. To make things perfect he can give me a lift to KPP and I can avoid a two hours bus ride.

Beside Christian and Lena we come in contact with several other great people. One of them is Jack. He is a remarkable young fellow, who we met during our last stay and he is still staying at KPP.

The work turns out to be a bit more intense for me this time. To set up a CRM System in a week with only limited availability of the main stake holder isn’t that easy but at the end we have it up and running. Kiri is happy and so we’re happy.
Beside all that work Helen and I attend some Yoga classes again and I enjoy the pool every day.
The week is over in no time and a big good bye is ahead. We’re not only leaving KPP. No, now it’s time to start a new episode of our journey. It’s time for Australia!