Today we are leaving Myeik to enjoy some quite days on an untouched beach near Dawei. Instead taking a big night bus like down south we are picked up by a minivan at the hotel. It’s a much nicer ride than the one down here. In the evening we arrive in Dawei.

Because we cannot reach Sinhtauk Bungalows ( the same evening we have to stay one night in Dawei again. After check in we start searching for a place to rent a motorbike. Our plan is to drive on our own to the resort and to make some trips around the peninsular.

Next morning we grab the bike at the agency and buy a bus ticket to Yangon three days later. They let us leave a lot of our luggage there which helps us a lot. At 12 AM we get going and it is really time to. I just saw that we need to pass a tide flooded area to get to the beach and the water is already rising.

I drive relatively fast through the villages on the basic road to Sinhtauk. Gravel and holes are everywhere and I have to slow a bit down. After the paved road we have to turn right into a dirt road. With every kilometer it is getting worse. It’s a bit challenging but after all that driving in South East Asia I’m experienced enough to handle it.

It takes us altogether 2,5 hours to get to the parking spot for the motorbike. Now it’s another 30 minutes walk to the beach. We lock up the bike and follow a steep concrete path down. Immediately after the path the mangrove forest starts and it is already under water. The water is just some centimeters deep here but 20 meters we have to pass a stream. Here it gets around 1 meter deep and I have to take Helens backpack to make sure her stuff stays dry and she can walk more easily. Exciting way to get to the beach bungalows. We have to cross another deeper spot before we reach the higher dry part that leads to the beach. What an experience? I like it.

As we arrive we first ran into a decent beach restaurant that is also the reception. Some other tourists are sitting around but altogether it’s not crowded. Because all the smaller bungalows (30,000 Kyatt) are fully booked they give us one of the bigger ones (40,000 Kyatt). It’s a really nice one. Spacious veranda in the front and a clean bathroom in the back. We enjoy our new home the remaining afternoon.

The restaurant turns out to provide pretty delicious food. The prices are 2 to 3 times higher than normal, but at a remote place like this, it’s not a surprise. Every evening all the tourists come together here to have dinner and so we meet a lot of different people. There are Emma and Andy from Ireland, Lisa and Clayton from South Africa and Sara and Sebastien from France. We have pleasant discussion and are sharing our travel experiences.

The beach is so remote, that sometimes you are the only one in the water. Imagine just around 15 people staying at a 1,5 km beach….

Originally, we wanted to make trips around, but after the experience with crossing the mangrove forest we decide to take it easy. We spent the second day with reading, meditation, eating, chatting and at sunset I join a private yoga session.

The highlight of the next day is a short walk to the next beach. 4,5 km white sandy beach, just one woman and a few fisherboats without engine. No other people, no bungalows, just the beach….Amazing! On our way we meet some kids and a guy collecting cashew nuts. There are trees everywhere. I decide to collect some, too. At the bungalow I try to unpeel them and an oily fluid runs all over my fingers. This doesn’t seem to be right and I ask the woman in the restaurant kitchen. She shows me that the nuts need to be roasted and tells me that the oily fluid causes the skin to come off. I immediately start to wash my hands but as it turns out days later, it was already to late. Even a bit of skin from my lips comes off 🙂 But it’s only the most top layer, so nothing to worry about, but I learned my lesson…

We have to wake up early on our last morning at the beach. The tide forces us to leave around 7 AM and beside that we want to explore the peninsular a bit before returning to Dawei.

The water is low and we reach our motorbike with just wet feed. The trip down the peninsular turns out to be really scenic. The road meanders down the coast. One beautiful view after the other. We decide to make it down to the Shin Maw Pagoda at the tip. The burmese built it into the rocks with different levels connected via stairways. It is a beautiful place.

The trip back to Dawei is long and quite exhausting but without any obstacles. We get the overnight bus to Yangon in time. There is a ten days meditation retreat ahead…..this time in complete silence…. We’re a little excited!